Style Tips for Your Couch

ID-10043290 Throw Pillows

  • Should never all match
  • Group a pair of 18″ square pillows with a pair of 16″ square ones
  • Ad a nice touch to your collection by placing a small rectangle fifth pillow between, 10″ by 12″ and 12″ by 14″ pillows in totally different fabric. Place it closer to one side or the other, and not floating all by its lonesome in the center of a sofa.
  • All down fill is nice for throw pillows, but 100% feather fill or even all Dacron will work just as well if you’re on a budget. The secret is to make sure your pillows are overstuffed, but not exploding.

What Your Sofa Color Says About You

Yellow: is said to be the happiest color, it represents optimism and energy. It also encourages conversation and stimulates mental thought.

Orange: those who love it probably appreciate decor that is warm, energetic and fun. This color will conquer the room, so be sure to keep everything else neutral.

Red: makes a statement in a room, but doesn’t feel as overwhelming as orange. This color encourages action and confidence and sets a bold, bright tone. If you want a vibrant room, then red is your color.

Purple: is uplifting and calming and invokes spirituality and creativity. Since there are many shades of purple from lavender to plum, it can be styled as warm and cozy or cool and soothing.

Pink: is a fun, playful color, and a pink sofa will bring an element of whimsy into your home. It can soften up heavy browns. Be careful not to use too much, as it can come across as too playful and girly. Men may not appreciate your choice of color.

Blue: is known to be calm. It feels more classic, less of a design risk. Be careful not to use too much blue. It can feel cold. Incorporate several shades, maybe with some patterned throw pillows to create a comfortable living space.

Green: appeals to those with an appreciation of the natural world, making it an ideal color to bring into your home. It’s soothing and promotes harmony. Add natural elements, using bamboo or wood tones.

White: evokes feelings of cleanliness and purity. If you’re drawn to a white sofa, you may be ready for a fresh start, since a white sofa is all about new beginnings. Use white as  a decor neutral and throw in any accent colors you wish. Good things is you don’t have to worry about clashing.

Black: shows you are probably drawn to elegance and tradition. A black sofa can anchor a room, giving it a strong, classic impression. Be sure to infuse the room with brights and patterns to balance the black.

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