Decorating Services

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Uplift room design and more offers a full range of services to meet your decorating needs. We can provide a full spectrum including:

Re-arrange & Refresh

We can work with your existing furnishing and accessories to rearrange the look and function of a room. Adding a new coat of paint can provide a refreshing feel to an existing space.

Supplement & Shape

We supplement your current furnishing with new pieces and accessories to provide a new shape and purpose to a room. Paint, window treatments, and new lighting further enhance the feel of the new look.

Restart & Re-do

Sometimes you just need to start over with a blank canvas. A complete re-do could include new flooring, built-ins, lighting, furniture, accessories, and window treatments. You will not recognize the old room when we are finished!

Project Services

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Not only can we bring you new ideas, but we stay with you through the whole process to help you plan, coordinate and complete the entire project. We are experienced and competent in helping you in each phase of the project, including:


Scope of Project

Helping you define the look you want to achieve and the best ways to achieve it. We will discuss multiple options to achieve your style and unique personality.

Cost and Schedule Estimates

Realistic cost and schedule estimates are essential to help you refine the project scope to achieve the best outcome within the amount of money you want to spend.

Coordination of Work

Managing the numerous activities during a project requires experience, patience, and persistence. We help you navigate the process to keep the project on track.

Completing the Details

The last 10% of a project can be the hardest to drive to closure, so we stay with you until you are happy with the final product.

houston home decorator


We can provide the above to both big and small projects. Whether you simply need a new color or a whole new room, we are ready and able to meet your unique needs.